Sunday, October 21, 2012

All In

There are many times during the week that I come up with ideas of things I should do. I usually think about them for a few days telling myself they are fantastic ideas and I will really do them. Each time I feel like it is great and something fabulous is going to come from it. Most of the time, nothing becomes of these ideas, they stay in my head. Every once in awhile an idea will make its way out. 

Once I decide to make something happen, I usually go all in. This is what happened when I decided to start this blog. I had read a few blog posts to get some inspiration for names and how to start up, and then dove in. I decided that I should have my own website so I would own the blog. It should be mine for me to do with as I please. 

I signed up with a site to host my website and register my domain name and paid them for these services. I was excited, I was ready to go. I spent many, many hours working on this. I wrote my first post, did some design work, and started on my next post. This is where I stalled. I finally realized.... I have NO IDEA how to set up a website.

I decided to use the online support to help me on my way. After a couple hours of this, finally..... NOTHING!!!! I had gotten no where. I was more confused than when I started. I still couldn't get my website up and running, nor could I write any more posts unti I got that finished. I finally came to terms with the fact I can't become a website running master in a week or so (or ever for that matter).

This is when I decided to abort the mission. I cancelled my account and domain name. Thankfully this was not a very expensive lesson. I had only paid for one month and to register my domain name. They even refunded me part of the money I paid. After some thought I changed the original name and decided to do the smart thing (what I should have done in the first place) and just start a blog using a free site. Now I don't have to stress about knowing how to get my website even able to view. I just sign in and type. Ahhhhhhhhh, relief. As I finish this post I realize that as of right now I don't know how to upload pictures to my site from my iPad. I will figure this out. I have also considered getting myself a laptop. I currently have a really old broken one that works more like a desktop. Maybe I should take some time making the right decision before I go all in.

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