Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mummy Dogs and Dressing Up

This is the last Halloween themed recipe and post for the year.  I decided to make a festive dinner to go along with all of the other fun we have been having.  I attempted to make mummy dogs.  They looked a lot better in the picture than mine, but they were still fun and tasty.

All you need to make these are hot dogs, cheese slices, and a package of crescent rolls. Wrap cheese around the hot dog, cut the crescent roll in strips and wrap around the hot dogs to look like mummy bandages.  You can also use a little bit of mustard to make eyes.  They were delicious.

Elijah looked adorable in his costume.  He even went trick-or-treating with his older cousins.  I just thought he would enjoy walking around but he took a cue from the older kids and helped himself to plenty of candy.  He would go up to the bowl and grab as much as his little hand could hold.  (I would make him put all but one piece back even though everyone kept telling me it was OK, he could have as much as he wanted).  How much candy does a 1 year old need?  He had a great time!!!

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