Saturday, October 20, 2012


I often think to myself that one day my life will be perfect.  I will have the perfect home, be the perfect mom, wife, homemaker.... and so on.  I will have it all.  There won't be anything that I can't do.  In my mind the dialogue often sounds something like "Once you only work part-time you will be a better mom and the house will look better," " Once you get the house clean and organized it will always be clean and organized," "Once you look up a couple new recipes you will make delicious homemade meals every night."

Over time I have come to realize that I will never reach "perfect" and that is OK.  As I read earlier, Good Enough is the new Perfect.  I do not have any areas or talents that I can say that I excel in.  If I had to choose once great trait,  it would be that I work hard.  That is it.  I am not crafty, a supermom, ultra organized, a fabulous chef, a terrific homemaker, or anything related.  I just work hard. 

As I grow older I realize that the only way to live life is the "hard way."  We learn by our failures, attempts at trying or mastering new things, and just by going about our daily routines.  I don't think life would be truly enjoyable any other way.  This is what makes it so frustratingly fun. 

I have definitely come to rely on the knowledge and skill sets of others.  I learn a great deal through what others already know.  I often seek out advice and wisdom from those that I know, as well as those that I have never met outside of the Internet.

I thought that I would share with others what I have learned and continue to learn as I live life the "hard way."  There are things that I have found to work and be life-savers, as well as things that I have tried and have failed.  Hopefully others out there can save some time and sanity from the things that I have learned and the tips and tricks I have discovered. 

Even as I start this blog it teaches me life is frustratingly not as simple as I think it is going to be.  As I write this post for the second time, the first post having disappeared and not saving, I have learned to save as I type to avoid unneeded headaches. Here is to the new "Perfect".  Hip Hip Hooray!!!  

This is an adorable picture of my handsome little guy when he was a lot smaller. He is almost 15 months now. I think that he is about as perfect as you can get.

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