Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Speaking of Sleep

Elijah often falls asleep in the car while we are driving. I try really hard to keep him awake so he will nap at home. I sing, make loud noises, turn the radio all the way up, shake his feet, you name it, I try it. IT DOES NOT WORK. No matter what I try, he passes out.
A brilliant idea came to me today. I need to keep a spray bottle in the car and just spray him with water to keep him awake. Is that cruel? If I dont' come up with something, we can never leave the house. This is what the outcome was today. He fell asleep in the car for 15 minutes. When we got home I gently got him out of his seat and put him in his bed. He immediately woke up and started screaming. After awhile I FINALLY got him back to sleep....... in MY bed.
At this point I think I should just give him my bed, put it in his room and get myself a new bed. It might be the only way.

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